What Are Some Eco Friendly Salon Products That I Can Introduce At My Salon?

If you are a salon owner looking to reduce your eco footprint and become more sustainable, you are not alone. Hair and beauty salon owners across Australia and around the world are relooking at how things have always been done in the industry and finding more eco-friendly products and methods to introduce in their salons.

The Life Cycle of Biodegradable Coffee Cups

If you own any sort of business that serves hot beverages, you may be considering purchasing biodegradable coffee cups, or you may be using these types of products already! It’s always a good idea to understand some of the processes behind the products that you use and are interested in. This article will discuss the life cycle of biodegradable coffee cups.

How to Encourage Others in Your Industry to Swap Over to Biodegradable Gloves

So, you already know all about the benefits associated with biodegradable gloves and how great they are for the environment, as well as being comfortable and functional! That is great, and we’re sure that you want to encourage other people who use gloves to swap over to biodegradable gloves, but you don’t want to come across as pushy, of course.

The Benefits Of Nitrile Gloves For Hairdressers

As a hairdresser, gloves are a part of your everyday life at work and play an important role in hygiene and protecting your hands from chemicals. While there are many different types of salon gloves available, many hair technicians prefer nitrile gloves for the following reasons:

The #1 Sustainable Product For Salons In Australia: Eco Towels

Do you own or manage a salon? Or are you simply interested in salons and how they work? The time has come to say goodbye to the traditional cotton towel and make sustainable steps towards the #1 eco-friendly product for salons in Australia: eco towels.