Tips For Transitioning From Cotton Salon Towels to Eco Salon Towels

Hundreds of salons across the globe are making sustainable swaps, and one of the most popular and talked about swaps is the one from cotton towels to eco salon towels. There are many eco-friendly benefits involved in this swap, and if you are thinking about making the transition, we have some helpful tips for you!

The Environmental Impact Of Styrofoam Cups

Styrofoam cups and takeaway containers were wildly popular for many years because of their cost-effectiveness and convenience. But now they are banned in many countries, including Australia, because of health concerns related to this material as well as the environmental impact. Most businesses, restaurants, and coffee shops have replaced styrofoam cups with biodegradable coffee cups, but many establishments still use styrofoam.

5 Reasons Why Disposable Eco Towels Are Better Than Cotton Towels

While the popularity of disposable towels used in salons has definitely been on the rise for a while now, many salon owners are clinging onto their fluffy cotton towels. Cotton towels do have their benefits and have certainly had their day; however, disposable eco towels are by far the better choice and are the future of salon towels. Let’s have a look at why!

Disposable Nitrile Gloves: A Popular Choice Amongst A Wide Range Of Industries

Not often is there a product that becomes so widely used by a diverse range of professionals in various industries. One such product that has definitely risen in popularity over the past few years is disposable nitrile gloves. However, this is not surprising because nitrile gloves offer an incredible list of benefits that make them a superior choice when looking for a disposable glove.

Will My Clients Mind If I Change to Eco Hairdressing Towels?

The hairdressing towels you use in your salon play a significant role in your overall branding. Clients may come to associate a certain type of towel, and even specific colour of towel, to the experience offered in your hair salon.