5 Reasons To Make The Swap Over To Eco Wipes

If you work in a hair salon, you most likely go through hundreds of wipes each week to use for wiping hair colour off clients’ necks and faces. Have you ever thought about where these wipes end up and how long they take to decompose?

Here are a few reasons why you should look at making the swap over to eco wipes instead!


The most important reason to swap to eco wipes is that they are biodegradable. This means that they will eventually decompose and will decompose far faster than...

The Problem With Disposable Cups: How Your Business Could Benefit From Going Biodegradable

Did you know that the majority of disposable cups you receive at coffee shops, restaurants etc., are not biodegradable?

Whether you’re a cafe, restaurant, office block, hair salon, or any other business that has a coffee machine and currently makes use of single-use coffee cups, switching over to biodegradable disposable coffee cups is one of the biggest and easiest eco-friendly swaps you can make.

Every year billions of disposable coffee cups are thrown away, creating a huge amount...

Why Biodegradable Cups Are A Must-Have For Your Business

Whether you are a coffee vendor, be it a small scale take-away cart, restaurant, or massive corporation, or whether you simply offer coffee as part of your client services, using disposable cups is a simple necessity. Not only does this allow clients to grab their coffee and go, but it saves you money and resources. The issue lies in the quality and ethics of using a disposable item when the world so clearly needs less waste. This is where biodegradable cups come in. 

The Planet Will Thank You

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Eco Solutions For Your Business

Sustainable eco products are the way forward for our planet. To ethically manage a business today requires more than just agreeing that something has to change. This is where eco-solutions come into play. Merging sound business principles with environmentally responsible choices is an absolute necessity, and we are here to help you achieve that balance.

Happy Planet, Happy People

First and foremost, the principle of opting for an environmentally conscious and accountable solution is non-negotiable for our planet. By opting for alternatives that reduce waste, pollution, and other adverse side effects you can actively create a...