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Lee Black Owner/Director of hairdressing Salon Mow Hair is the founder of Affordable Eco Solutions (formerly known as Affordable Eco Towels) 

After several years managing his own hairdressing salon, Lee found a need for a cost-and-time effective alternative to towels, and on investigating his options, started using disposable towels.

Lee has combined his passion for hairdressing and sustainability and continues to introduce products to his range, including biodegradable gloves and biodegradable colour wipes to provide affordable alternative options for the 'green at heart' eco-conscious businesses and consumers alike.

Affordable Eco Solutions - Won't Cost the Earth

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Who are our customers?

We help hairdressing & beauty salons, day spas, massage parlours, gyms, and dog groomers save money while having a positive impact on the environment.

As our founders are small business owners, we understand how finances can make or break your success, and we’re proud that our products have been developed specifically to save you money in more ways than one.

Below is an example of the benefits experienced by switching to our disposable eco-towels. Be sure to check out the additional benefits of swapping to our eco-gloves and eco-colour wipes in our online store! 

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