5 Reasons Why Disposable Eco Towels Are Better Than Cotton Towels

While the popularity of disposable towels used in salons has definitely been on the rise for a while now, many salon owners are clinging onto their fluffy cotton towels. Cotton towels do have their benefits and have certainly had their day; however, disposable eco towels are by far the better choice and are the future of salon towels. Let’s have a look at why!

No Need To Wash 

The constant need to wash cotton towels uses a lot of water and electricity, putting pressure on the environment. Washing is also time-consuming and expensive, especially when using high-quality detergents.

No Need To Dry

Drying can be just as time-consuming as washing and can use a lot of energy if you are using a tumble dryer. If you don’t have a tumble dryer, you may rely on hot, dry weather. With disposable eco towels, this is no longer a worry or something you even need to think about.

No Risk Of Spreading Bacteria

In any salon, hygiene should always be a top priority! With cotton towels, if they are not washed and dried at very high temperatures, you run the risk of spreading bacteria from client to client. With disposable towels, this is not something that you have to worry about as you use a new towel for each client.

More Absorbent

Just by looking at them, you would not say that disposable towels seem more absorbent than cotton towels. But thanks to modern technology, disposable towels are actually up to 10 times more absorbent than regular towels, making them highly effective and ideal for the salon environment.


In today’s busy world, everyone needs as much time as possible, and the truth of the matter is that washing, drying, folding and packing away cotton towels is extremely time-consuming. With disposable eco towels, you save on time as all you do is receive your order, which is delivered straight to your door, and then pack it away somewhere you can have easy access to them, and you’re done!

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