Tips For Transitioning From Cotton Salon Towels to Eco Salon Towels

Hundreds of salons across the globe are making sustainable swaps, and one of the most popular and talked about swaps is the one from cotton towels to eco salon towels. There are many eco-friendly benefits involved in this swap, and if you are thinking about making the transition, we have some helpful tips for you!

Inform Yourself Of The Benefits

While swapping over to eco towels is a sustainable choice, you should be completely aware of why you are making this choice and what the actual benefits will be.

Speak To Your Staff About The Swap

Your staff are the ones that use salon towels on a daily basis, so you should not spring the swap on them unknowingly. Instead, inform them about the benefits of eco towels and the reasons behind your decision. This will also help them in answering any questions that clients may have for them. The great thing is that eco towels are just as absorbent and work in very much the same way as eco towels.

Donate Your Cotton Towels

Now that you are swapping over to eco towels, you won’t have a need for cotton towels anymore. You may want to keep one or two for emergencies, but the rest you can donate. This will free up your cupboard space tremendously! You may also no longer have much of a need for your washers and dryers if you have your own.

Keep Track Of Your Savings

Now that you are using disposable eco towels in your salon, you will not be using as much energy for washing and drying towels. Keep an eye on your savings by looking at your utility and laundry bills and comparing that to the price you are paying for towels every month.

Look For Other Eco-Friendly Swaps To Make

Was swapping over to eco salon towels your first eco-friendly swap? Well, now that you’ve made that swap and seen how easy it is, you can start looking at making other sustainable changes in your salon, such as swapping over to eco wipes, organic hand sanitiser, biodegradable coffee cups, compostable bin bags, and more.

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