The Benefits Of Nitrile Gloves For Hairdressers

As a hairdresser, gloves are a part of your everyday life at work and play an important role in hygiene and protecting your hands from chemicals. While there are many different types of salon gloves available, many hair technicians prefer nitrile gloves for the following reasons:

Puncture Resistant

Gloves that puncture easily are virtually useless to hair technicians as bacteria will easily be spread, and chemicals may make contact with the skin… exactly what you don’t want! Nitrile gloves are very resistant to breaking and puncturing, and that is definitely one of the top reasons that make them so popular.


When using nitrile gloves as a hairdresser, you definitely won’t complain about the price. Many salon owners are initially attracted to nitrile gloves because of the price, and then only later do they realise all the other benefits that nitrile gloves have to offer.

Chemical Resistance

Nitrile gloves are known for their incredible chemical resistance. As a hair technician, you’ll know how many different types of chemicals you deal with each day just by dying clients' hair. However, over time these chemicals can really cause damage to the skin on your hands if you are not wearing the right gloves. Nitrile gloves ensure that chemicals do not burn through the gloves and come into contact with your skin.

Less Friction

Because nitrile gloves offer low friction levels, it makes them very easy to wear and take on and off. Your hands sweat less, and you have better precision when working with hair while still wearing gloves. Because nitrile gloves offer less friction than other gloves, they are considered your most comfortable option.

Are Your Nitrile Gloves Biodegradable?

Biodegradable nitrile gloves are the ultimate choice as not only do they offer you all of the above benefits. They also give you the peace of mind of being environmentally sustainable as they break down in a regular rubbish dump in just 12 weeks. These gloves are the ideal modern solution for hair salons.

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