The Life Cycle of Biodegradable Coffee Cups

If you own any sort of business that serves hot beverages, you may be considering purchasing biodegradable coffee cups, or you may be using these types of products already! It’s always a good idea to understand some of the processes behind the products that you use and are interested in. This article will discuss the life cycle of biodegradable coffee cups.

Gathering Materials

A biodegradable coffee cup’s life cycle begins with gathering the materials needed to create the product. These base materials usually include corn, hardwood and softwood. This process includes the growing, chopping down and transportation of these materials.

Paperboard Production

The first stage of the production process is usually the paperboard production. It is a relatively simple process that includes pulping and bleaching to get the basic paper-like material for the biodegradable coffee cup. 


The coffee cups need to be coated to be watertight and hold liquids. A biodegradable plastic coating is added to the paperboard.


There are quite a few other steps and stages that are involved in the manufacturing process, including:

  • Cutting out the fan shapes of the cups
  • Cutting out circle shapes for the bottom of the cups
  • Assembling the coffee cups
  • Sealing the cups
  • Packing them for distribution


Once the manufacturing process is complete, the biodegradable coffee cups are ready to be sold to cafes, salons, coffee shops and restaurants at wholesale prices. You should find that biodegradable coffee cup prices are not dissimilar to other single-use options.


Using a biodegradable coffee cup is just like using any other single-use coffee cup. Your customers are sure to enjoy the experience and appreciate the fact that you are doing your bit for the environment.


While we cannot speak for all biodegradable coffee cups, the coffee cups that we sell here at Affordable Eco Solutions are designed to completely decompose within 12 weeks, and they can be thrown out with your usual trash.

Are you looking to purchase affordable biodegradable coffee cups in Australia? Check out our website to find out more, or feel free to get in touch with us today at Affordable Eco Solutions should you have any questions. 

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