The #1 Sustainable Product For Salons In Australia: Eco Towels

Do you own or manage a salon? Or are you simply interested in salons and how they work? The time has come to say goodbye to the traditional cotton towel and make sustainable steps towards the #1 eco-friendly product for salons in Australia: eco towels.

So what makes eco towels such a must-have product in your salon?

Save On Water

Cotton towels need to be washed after every use if you want to stay on top of hygiene, and this can use tons of water during their lifespan. Eco towels don’t use any water as they are disposed of after use, so they are not using up a non-renewable resource.

Save On Electricity

Whether you wash your towels yourself or send them to a laundromat, cotton towels use loads of electricity when being washed and dried. In contrast, eco towels are simply thrown away after a single-use, resulting in zero electricity consumption.

Prioritise Hygiene

Cotton towels hold bacteria (unless they are cleaned thoroughly, but there is still a chance), and since they are used from person to person, this bacteria could quickly spread. Eco towels are 1x use and then thrown away, so there is no chance of any bacteria being spread. In a world still riddled by a pandemic, hygiene should always be prioritised.

Break Down Within 12 Weeks

The eco towels that we offer in Australia break down in just 12 weeks! They should be thrown away with the normal rubbish, as they could contaminate recycling, but once in a landfill, eco towels will completely break down within 3 months or less.

They Work Just As Well

The best thing about making the switch over to eco towels is that you won’t have to compromise on effectiveness. Eco towels are just as absorbent, if not more absorbent, than traditional cotton towels and work very well when drying clients’ hair. They are soft and comfortable, and clients probably won’t even notice the difference.

Looking for affordable and effective eco towels in Australia? Affordable Eco Solutions offers high-quality eco towels to Australian salons. Take a major step towards sustainability and make your first order today!

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