How to Encourage Others in Your Industry to Swap Over to Biodegradable Gloves

So, you already know all about the benefits associated with biodegradable gloves and how great they are for the environment, as well as being comfortable and functional! That is great, and we’re sure that you want to encourage other people who use gloves to swap over to biodegradable gloves, but you don’t want to come across as pushy, of course.

Here are a few ways in which you can encourage others in your industry to make the swap to biodegradable gloves without being too overbearing.

Talk to Them

Don’t be shy to speak about all of the environmental swaps that you may have made in your personal and work life. Just by speaking openly about the changes you made may be enough encouragement. Talk about the ease and affordability of these swaps. Be sure not to be judgemental if colleagues are not quite ready to make the change.

Gift Them a Pair of Gloves

If you want them to experience the benefits of biodegradable gloves for themselves, why not give them a pair to try? Many people think that eco alternatives are of lesser quality and won’t work as well as their plastic counterparts. While it is not up to you to change people’s minds, gifting a pair of gloves could truly create a domino effect in a positive way.

Share Resources

By sharing resources on your social media platforms, you give people the opportunity to educate themselves without having to engage in a conversation. It’s a passive and easy way to encourage people to make important eco-friendly switches. If you are looking for relatable resources, check out our blog! The power of social media is truly incredible!

Suppose you are someone that really cares about the environment and has already made many sustainable swaps. In that case, it can be very discouraging and disheartening to have people in your life who do not care about the environment at all. But keep at it as there will be some people interested in making a change for the better!

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