Your Eco-friendly Terminology Guide

Do you own a hair and beauty salon, or any business for that matter, and are looking to become more eco-friendly? No matter where you are on your journey toward sustainability, there are many terms that are found on product labels that can get confusing.

There is also a new phenomenon known as ‘greenwashing’ where companies plaster eco-friendly terminology all over the products without it being entirely accurate in an effort to entice sustainably-minded consumers, and this just adds to the existing confusion.

As a business that specialises in Eco-friendly salon products, such as biodegradable gloves, we thought that we’d use this article to provide some definitions for common eco-friendly terminology.


The term ‘recyclable’ means that it should be disposed of at a recycling plant so that it can be broken down, have its materials recovered, and then have those materials used again to make another similar product. Paper, plastic, metal and cardboard are the most common recyclable materials.


For example, biodegradable gloves should fully decompose within a few weeks once they have been thrown in the trash. Items that are biodegradable give you peace of mind as you know that their effect on the environment is very small. Biodegradable items are made up of naturally-occurring compounds.


While recyclable items are usually thrown away after a single use, reusable items can be used again and again. There are many times in which there is an overlap. For example, glass items are very often both recyclable and reusable.


Compostable items will biodegrade under the right conditions and when they are exposed to certain microbes. In most cases, compostable items can be put on your compost heap and they will break down in time.


Organic can be a tricky term to define as it is often slapped onto just about anything. Organic can be referred to as products and processes that support on-farm resources and that promote biodiversity. Yes, this is a very loose definition, so always be sure to do a bit of extra research when buying ‘organic’ products.

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