Why It’s So Important For Hairdressers To Wear Salon Gloves

Salon gloves are an integral, daily item for all hairdressers. Hairdressers are more than 10x more likely to suffer from skin complaints, irritations, and conditions, because of the harsh and complex chemicals found in hair dyes. Around 70% of all hairdressers will experience some sort of skin issue at some point in their careers.

One of the only ways in which this skin condition can be prevented is by wearing salon gloves.

The other main reason for hairdressers wearing gloves is to prevent any cross-contamination in the workplace and prevent the spread of germs between the hairdresser, the client, and surfaces in the workplace. 

While some may argue otherwise, salon gloves are designed to improve dexterity and should help hairdressers grip their tools better.

Walking into a salon where all the hair technicians are wearing gloves gives the salon a sanitary and hygienic appearance, which breeds trust in the customer.

What Type of Gloves Should be Used?.

Black or dark blue gloves are preferable as it is easier to see if they have been punctured and need to be replaced.

A longer glove is also preferable as you’ll be able to protect your forearms.

Cuffed gloves stop water from dripping down inside of the glove and causing irritation.

Once latex gloves were very popular, but because of allergies and a variety of other factors, many salon owners are turning to disposable nitrile gloves as a solution to their salon gloves needs.

No matter what type of gloves are used, hairdressers should always wash their hands thoroughly and moisturise after use to promote healthy skin and hands.

Making An Effort To Use Sustainable Salon Gloves

If you’re a hairdresser or work in a salon, you’ll know how many pairs of salon gloves you go through each month. When using gloves that are not biodegradable, you’ll be adding tons of unnecessary plastic to landfills. Salon owners are responsible for making sustainable switches wherever possible, and salon gloves are an easy place to start.

Are you interested in using biodegradable salon gloves in your salon? Have a look at the biodegradable Powerform Ecoteq gloves that we have available at Affordable Eco Solutions, and make the switch today!

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