The Use Of Towels In Salons And Why Disposable Salon Towels May Be Your Best Option

Towels have been used in salons for decades and play a very important role in the hygiene, functioning, and comfort offered by any salon. In this article, we’ll have a look at the many uses that towels offer  both in hair salons and beauty salons, as well as why disposable salon towels may soon be replacing traditional cotton towels in salons around the world.

Hair Salons

  • Protecting Clothing

Towels are often draped over clients’ shoulders to protect their clothes from bleach, hair colour, and other harsh chemicals found in hair salons.

  • Drying Off Your Hair

After a client’s hair is washed, their hair is usually towel dried with a salon towel before it is blow-dried. This is just so that most of the excess water is removed from the hair.

  • Wiping Up Spills

Spills happen in all types of businesses, including hair salons. And a towel is most commonly used to wipe up any product or water spillage.

Beauty Salons

  • Getting Changed

For treatments such as massages and waxing, clients often need to get undressed or changed, and a towel is provided to assist them in doing so.

  • Drying Off Feet After A Pedicure

One of the most common uses of a salon towel in a beauty salon is to dry off clients' feet after a pedicure treatment so clients can put dry feet back into their shoes.

  • Wiping Up Spills

Product may often be spilled here and there at beauty salons, and towels offer the perfect way to wipe it up.

Why Disposable Salon Towels?

The salon towel of choice has been a premium cotton blend towel for decades. However, these towels do pose issues in that they need to be constantly washed to remove the risk of spreading bacteria, resulting in an insatiable need for water and electricity. The solution? More and more salons are opting for disposable salon towels. These are one-use items that are thrown away after being used, and they break down in the trash within several weeks. This is considered to be the most eco-friendly option available on the market.

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