The Life Cycle Of Disposable Hairdressing Towels

Many salons in Australia, and around the world for that matter, are slowly transitioning away from traditional cotton towels and moving towards disposable hairdressing towels. If you have yet to make the move from cotton towels, you may be interested in disposable towels and what their life cycle looks like, especially from an environmental standpoint.


The manufacturing process is a fairly simple one, with many natural ingredients being used. Disposable towels are then usually sold to salons by suppliers in bulk.


Disposable towels are single-use, meaning it is impossible for them to spread bacteria and there is no need to wash or dry them. They are just as absorbent and soft as cotton towels and are praised throughout the industry for being just as effective. While it may be a small adjustment at first, in time you won’t even notice the difference.


Disposable towels can be conveniently thrown away in your usual trash. Do not put these towels in with your recycling or any other specialised form of disposal. Throwing these towels away is simple, quick and easy and because of their composition, they do not take up much space in your trash. 


Once your towels have been taken away to the landfill or dump, they will completely decompose in a matter of 8 to 12 weeks, causing no harm to the environment so long as they are disposed of correctly. This is one of the key reasons disposable salon towels are as popular as they are.

In contrast, cotton towels have a much longer lifespan. At first glance, a longer lifespan may appear to be more sustainable, but you need to consider the massive amount of resources needed when it comes to washing and drying these cotton towels over and over again. The amount of water and electricity that is needed is quite frightening.

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