Biodegradable Cups Vs Reusable Cups: Which Should You Be Using?

As we all take a more environmentally-friendly approach towards everyday products, we want to encourage you to be mindful about which products are being used in your cafe. Any establishment that serves beverages basically has three choices available to them when it comes to cups: plastic cups, biodegradable cups and reusable cups.

Let’s rule out plastic cups as these are single-use and are non-biodegradable. Single-use plastics will also soon be illegal in Australia. So it is no use making use of an archaic product that is slowly ruining the environment.

You now have two choices available to you. If you want a disposable option, the only way to go is biodegradable cups as they are eco-friendly and will eventually completely break down and not interfere with the recycling process. In this day and age, disposable options are always necessary.

Reusable cups can come in the form of glasses, ceramic mugs, jars and other vessels. These are great as they can be used again and again but need to be washed (and in some cases sterilised) and are subject to breakages.


As long as you don’t expect too many breakages, reusable coffee cups are probably better for the environment as they can be used repeatedly. Ceramic or earthenware coffee cups are very rarely thrown out if they’re not chipped or broken.

That being said, no matter what sort of coffee shop, cafe or restaurant you’re running, there are always going to be customers who want beverages on the go, and in these cases, you can’t hand them one of your ceramic mugs or glasses in the hopes that they’ll bring it back. While you can encourage customers to bring in their own reusable on-the-go coffee cups, there will always be those that forget, and it is for this reason that all coffee shops should have biodegradable cups in stock to be used as an alternative to non-biodegradable coffee cups.

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