4 Uses For Eco-Friendly Towels Other Than Drying Hair

Eco Towels Australia have really taken off and are a must-have item for salons that want to become more sustainable. They are completely biodegradable, and the fact that they are single-use means that you’re saving loads of water and electricity as they don’t need to be washed. Simply throw them in with your trash, and they’ll decompose by themselves in around 12 weeks.

But eco towels have far more uses than simply drying hair in a salon. Use them for other things in the salon, and even take them home. Some other uses for eco towels include:

Cleaning Up Spills

Whether you have a spill at the salon or at home, an eco towel is great for quickly cleaning up any substance, no matter how yucky it is. Now you don’t have to throw this towel in the wash, and you can simply give it a rinse if you wish to do so and throw it away.

Drying Dishes

The absorbent qualities that eco towels offer make them fantastic for drying the dishes. You can wait until the towel is soaked through before disposing of it and using another one.

As A Bath Towel

Eco towels are far more absorbent than they look. Some eco towels are as much as seven times absorbent than your average towel! This means that they’re great to use for bath or shower towels. They are particularly handy if you take a few with you when you go on camping

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